Le PetitFils du Diable!


When did this happen? Why did it happen? No fracking idea, but I want to celebrate & thank you! ♥ That’s why I will be doing a little party in gif form & YOU can be part of it! Whee!

But, how do I get invited to the party, you say? It’s simple:
♥ You must be following me.
♥ You must reblog this ugly post.
Aaand that’s it. I will be announcing three lucky winners to celebrate the lack of posting here with me on March 25th. I will post the finished party gif of all of us together in here, but I will be delivering a solo version gif to each winner too!
Thanks again for your continuous support! I would’ve quit drawing a long time ago if it wasn’t for some of you hard-headed, baby gerbils of love. 
♥ ♥ ♥

That’s right, FREE ART! And this time, IT’S PERSONAL.
Just either like, reblog, or both (two entries) this post and in two weeks I’ll pick a random winner from those peeps.
The winner gets one digital drawing done by me of any character or thing (within reason) of their choosing.
Tumblr is a real cool place and I’m glad ya’ll hang out with me!
PS I’ll also be running the same giveaway on Twitter and Instagram so you can TRIPLE your chance of winning. Be safe out there kids.


Virgil Finlay’s illustration for Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space, Famous Fantastic Mysteries